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A. Multiple Choice - What do these mean?

1. Ma‘a s-salēme.
2. Hay ikhtī.
3. Sēknīn hōn.
4. Ma fi ilī ahel b-libnēn.
5. Tony Shalhoub aslu min libnēn.

B. Mix and match

Match the Arabic word with the appropriate image.


My School and My Friends

A. Play the audio clip, then answer True or False?

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1. (The speaker) and (her friend) are in the same class.
2. (The speaker) likes to play basketball.
3. Over the weekend, (the speaker) likes to go to the beach.
4. (The speaker) does not like homework.

B. What are they doing? Select The Correct One.


Lebanese Cuisine

A. - shu isem ha l-akle? (What is this dish called?)


B. What are they saying?

1. bhebb wara’ ‘inab.
2. ma bhebb fūl.
3. bhebb immi.
4. shu kbīr!
5. ma bhebb al‘āb il-kompiutr.

Lebanese Proverbs

A. Wise guy. Which proverb would you use when...

1. At your house, your uncle is drinking coffee with your parents. You come into the room to say you’re going out with friends. Your uncle asks where you’re meeting them. When you say, “I don’t know yet,” your uncle reproaches you for your disorganization, saying that when he was young his generation always made plans way in advance. You roll your eyes, point to your cell phone, and say...
2. Your friend wants to go bungee jumping with you. You are not sure how safe it is, suggesting an evening at the movie theater instead. When she taunts you that you are scared, you retort saying...
3. Your teenage brother is spending dual-digit hours chatting on Skype and reading blogs on MySpace. When he complains of a headache and asks you to bring him Tylenol, you raise your eyebrows and recite the following proverb: ...
4. This guy at the party is so annoying! He wouldn’t stop bragging about his visits to the gym and how all women are in love with him. Your friends and you are just fed up! Several times you try to steer the conversation away from these topics but he manages to bring in his romantic successes every time. You turn to one of your friends and whisper in her ear: ...

B. These two- or three-line dialogs are missing a line. Can you complete them by choosing the best from the lines below?

Instructions: You can move the items on the right by dragging them up and down. Drag them to the correct positions to match the items on the left.
bhebb shimm il-hawa. /________ / ba‘d il-madrase.
shu ahla dawā? /________ /
weyn sēknīn?/________ / w-nahna sēknīn tahet.
kīf bēkul il-pizza? /________ /
hayda beyyak? /________ /
b-ayy wa’et?
mnil‘ab futbōl, ana w‐rifi’i.
sēknīn fo’.
la, hayda ibn sittīn.